IMPORTANT : stricter checks on A.S.F motorways

Starting on 1 December 2018, A.S.F is introducing systematic video checks on vehicles passing through toll plazas across its whole network.

We strongly recommend ensuring the vehicle's registration plate matches the registration stored in the tag.

If a mismatch is detected in two consecutive billing months, discounts will be withdrawn for the tag.

A.S.F may also request a refund of discounts paid in the last 12 months and even exclude discounts completely if several tags belonging to the same customer are involved.

Rise in French road tolls in 2018

According to reports in the medias, the French Government intends to increase road toll (from 1.03 to 2.04%) from February 1st, 2018.

Increases applied by companies : 

AREA : +2.04%

APRR: +2%

Sanef: +1.39%

SAPN: +1.39%

ASF: +1.34%

Escota: +1.34%

Cofiroute: +1.34%

ATMB: +1.03%

SFTRF: +1.03%

The French minimum wage

The French minimum wage

Since January 1st, 2019 French minimum wage is 10.03€/hour.


JT FINANCES has moved

You can contact us at the following adress : 



Chemin de Font Sereine

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Our telephone numbers remain unchanged




Fuel price updated January 18th, 2019

Fuel price updated January 18th, 2019

This week gas-oil is 1.442 € TTC/L when you refuel at PETROR, our gas-station partner in PERPIGNAN.

Thanks to our service of VAT refund, it will bring you the liter of gas-oil to 1.201 €.